A designer is a person who designs. More formally, a designer is an agent that \ specifies the structural properties of a design object\ . In practice, anyone who creates tangible or intangible objects is referred to as a designer (WikiPedia). In the context of GeoDedesign, there can be two different senses of “designer”. A narrow sense refers to professional designers, such as architects, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers, etc. A broader sense of designer in the GeoDesign context includes anyone who contributes to the creation of the design in their various professional and social capacity by participating in some or all of the steps of the GeoDesign process, such as approving or revising the goal of the overall GeoDesign process, recommending the design requirements that need to be considered, creating design alternatives, assessing the current condition of the design environment and evaluating the impact of the design alternatives, recommending the design alternative evaluation criteria, recommending the final design selection, etc.

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