Humandimensions.Gov, or for short, is an interactive informational website and a portal with featured links related to the human dimensions of natural resource management. guides users to credible on-line information, including methods, on-line tools, publications, and a calendar of events. adds value to existing sites by highlighting the widely applicable aspects of their content, while retaining links to more detailed information. The primary audience for is natural resource management professionals. The Web portal was developed to reduce the time required to find information and has a strong focus on the application of social science concepts, methods, and information. The use of nontechnical language makes content accessible to users regardless of background. The information on the site will also be helpful for both students and researchers.

Graphical Ontology Browser

  • Click on a node to jump to the content of that node
  • Pan to see the rest of the graph
  • Scroll the mousewheel up and down to zoom in and out
  • Rearrange the nodes in the graph by dragging a node to a different position


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