Data Sources

Data sources may include a variety of corporations, research institutions, government agencies, and non-profits providing public domain GIS data.
The data sources available here include free GIS data repositories and clearinghouses functioning as distribution points for GIS data, searchable databases, and tables to be used with GIS software.


\"Cal-Atlas\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Envirofacts\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Geospatial Program\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Arcgis Online\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Geocommons Finder\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Geodata.Gov\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Geography Network\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"GIS Data Depot\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"LANDFIRE\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Landsat\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) - Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Research And Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"Spot Satellite Imagery\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) - California\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Census Bureau\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Fish And Wildlife Service (FWS) GIS State Data\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Fish And Wildlife Service (FWS) National Wetlands Inventory\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Geological Survey (USGS) Digital Line Graphs\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Geological Survey (USGS) Digital Orthoimagery\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Geological Survey (USGS) Land Cover Institute\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Geological Survey (USGS) National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP)\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Geological Survey (USGS) National Atlas\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Geological Survey (USGS) National Biological Info Infrastructure (NBII) Gap Analysis Program (GAP)\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Geological Survey (USGS) National Elevation Dataset\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US Geological Survey (USGS) National Hydrography Dataset\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

\"US National Park Service (NPS) Geospatial Data\"^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#String

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