Keypad Polling

Keypad Polling is a wireless voting technology. It can be used to enable community participation in events and to bring a focus to discussion and decision making. The purpose of the E-Voting project is to provide a mechanism to maximize meaningful resident participation in local decision making.

The technology is comprised of a number of hand held keypads (similar to TV remote controls) which communicate using radio frequencies with a base station. This base station is connected to a laptop computer which in turn is linked to a VGA projector that displays onto a projection screen. The laptop runs a program called \ OptionFinder\ that enables multiple choice questions or rating statements (or both) to be displayed on the screen along with numbered responses. Participants vote anonymously by selecting the number on their keypad that best represents their preference. The result of the group vote is displayed on the projection screen within seconds. The project team also works with clients to prepare suitable questionnaires and produce report documents that analyse voting results.

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