CommunityViz is advanced yet easy-to-use GIS software designed to help people visualize, analyze and communicate about important land-use decisions.


CommunityViz is based on geographic information systems (GIS) software - computerized maps that can contain rich information about the physical world. In particular, CommunityViz plugs into ArcGIS-brand desktop software from ESRI, the world's leading GIS platform and the place where most planning organizations store information about the places they work.
CommunityViz adds a large suite of extra functions that combine with ArcGIS to make a more specialized, powerful decision-making platform - tools for setting up alternative futures (scenarios) and analyzing their effects; tools for making interactive three-dimensional (3-D) models of real places as they are now and as they could be in future; tools for explaining and communicating across the many groups of people who become involved in making decisions about the future of a place.
Some ways of using CommunityViz are very easy and anyone can do them; others are more sophisticated and require knowledge of GIS. Some people use CommunityViz themselves, and others hire certified CommunityViz professional consultants to help them apply it in particular settings.

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For Application Domains

Land Use Planning

Decision Problem Types Targeted

Alternative Evaluation

Impact Assessment

Location Allocation

Suitability Assessment

Domain Knowledge Modeling Area

Land Use Allocation

Socioeconomic System Modeling

Planning And Decision Process Phases/Steps Served

Concept Design

Condition Analysis And Assessment

Scenario Simulation And Comparison

Stakeholder Engagement


Systems Functional Components

Collaboration Support

Data Management

GIS Analysis Integration

GIS Display Integration

Report Generation

Scenario Management And Comparison

User Interface


Input Data Format

ESRI Shapefile

Raster - ESRI GRID

Output Type





Supports Multi Spatial Scale Analysis

True ^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#Boolean

Supports Analysis Of Interdisciplinary Interactions

True ^^ Http://Www.W3.Org/2001/Xmlschema#Boolean

Software Required


Description Of System Components

CommunityViz 3.3 includes two complementary components, Scenario 360 and SiteBuilder 3D. Together or separately, these ArcGIS extensions allow you to create geographic scenarios, analyze their impacts, and view them in photo-realistic 3-D scenes.

Scientific Expertise Level Required

General Understanding Of Issues

Technical Expertise Level Required

Basic Computer Skills

Extensive Computer/GIS Programming Skills

Development Status

Regularly Distributed

Tool Maker

Placeways, LLC

Parent Categories

Software Tools And Models - All

Spatial Decision Support Systems

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Model Type

Evaluative Models

Simulation Models

Decision Process Activity Types Served

Collaboration And Participation

Condition Analysis And Assessment

Decision Alternatives Generation, Scenario Simulation


Software Type

Spatial Decision Support Systems

Graphical Ontology Browser

  • Click on a node to jump to the content of that node
  • Pan to see the rest of the graph
  • Scroll the mousewheel up and down to zoom in and out
  • Rearrange the nodes in the graph by dragging a node to a different position


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methods and techniques; methodology
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