Geospatial Modeling Environment

The Geospatial Modeling Environment (GME) is a platform designed to help to facilitate rigorous spatial analysis and modeling.




GME provides you with a suite of analysis and modeling tools, ranging from small 'building blocks' that you can use to construct a sophisticated work-flow, to completely self-contained analysis programs. It also uses the extraordinarily powerful open source software R as the statistical engine to drive some of the analysis tools. One of the many strengths of R is that it is open source, completely transparent and well documented: important characteristics for any scientific analytical software. It incorporates most of the functionality of its predecessor, Hawths Tools, but with some important improvements. It has a greater range of analysis and modelling tools, supports batch processing, offers new graphing functionality, automatically records work-flows for future reference, supports geodatabases, and can be called programatically.

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Supported versions: GME 0.3.3 Beta, ArcGIS 9.3.1, StatConn DCOM 3.1-2B6 and R 2.10.1 (both available at GME is compiled against a particular version of ArcGIS, and it is recommended you use GME with only that version. However, although it is not recommended, you could try using GME with other versions of ArcGIS. If it is a version that is close to the supported version, it would probably run fine. But if you try to use it with more distant versions of ArcGIS there is a chance that some commands will generate errors, or, worse, will run but produce incorrect output. I strongly recommend you use caution when running any third party extension (including GME) with a version of ArcGIS other than the version it was compiled against.

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This tool was added to replace Hawth's Tools, which has been officially discontinued as of December 2009.

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