Marine Reserve And Local Fisheries Interactive Simulation

This simulation-based exercise is an educational tool that allows users to explore various factors that influence fish population viability and fishery sustainability, and experiment with the use of marine reserves as tools in fisheries management.


This exercise allows users to explore issues related to marine reserves and local fisheries via interactive simulations. Users are able to control (1) some attributes of a local fishery - including population dynamics and mobility of the target species as well as aspects of fisher behavior and economic factors, and (2) the extent and placement of marine reserves. By exploring the contributions of these issues to fisheries productivity over time, users should gain some understanding of the factors contributing to how reserves can interact with local fisheries. Of course, although many of the factors and dynamics in this exercise are based on actual interdisciplinary research conducted in The Bahamas (see, the simulation represents a simplification of the real complexities of population dynamics, fisheries economics, and marine resource management. Adding these additional complexities, such as more variable population dynamics, more dynamic pricing of catches, and additional fishing regulations outside of marine reserves, would likely lead to different quantitative outcomes. Nevertheless, qualitative results deriving from controlled comparisons across different scenarios (e.g., species life-history, fleet, and reserve characteristics) are likely to be more general.

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