Miradi is an open source tool that supports the adaptive management cycle – from conceptualization, to planning, implementation, analysis, and learning – in conservation projects. It enables conservation teams to follow best practices like the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation in the design and long-term management of projects. Miradi helps teams conceptualize and organize the planning process by developing conceptual models and result chains with threat levels, targets, and indicators. It then generates strategic plans, work plans, and project reports to facilitate project implementation, analysis, and learning in accordance with standards. A step-by-step wizard guides users through the adaptive management process.


https://miradi.org/ (External Link)

For Application Domains

Natural Resource Management

Decision Problem Types Targeted


Resources Allocation


Status Assessment

Domain Knowledge Modeling Area

Conservation Of Biodiversity

Planning And Decision Process Phases/Steps Served

Create Action Plan

Design Requirement Development

Document Plan

Establish Implementation And Effectiveness Metrics


Objective Definition

Performance Target Checking

Plan Review And Evaluation

Problem Definition

Process Mapping; Agenda


Risk Analysis

Systems Functional Components

Report Generation

User Interface

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Text Document

Supports Multi Spatial Scale Analysis

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Web Enabled

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Scientific Expertise Level Required

Some Scientific Background

Online Download Available

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Developer Assistance Needed For Installation/Configuration

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Regularly Distributed

Tool Maker


Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP)

Information Source

Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP)

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Brendan Harmon

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Aspatial Decision Support Systems

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Naicong Li

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Evaluative Models

Software Type

Aspatial Decision Support Systems

Decision Process Activity Types Served

Condition Analysis And Assessment

Plan Implementation, Monitoring, Performance Evaluation

Project Management

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